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Alcohol-Free Room Spray - Moonlit Mint

Alcohol-Free Room Spray - Moonlit Mint

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Transform your home into a refreshing oasis with our invigorating Moonlit Mint Room Spray, elegantly packaged in a black matte glass bottle for a touch of modern sophistication. With a net quantity of 50 ml, our alcohol-free room spray offers minty freshness without compromising on quality.

Experience the cooling and revitalizing scent of peppermint in every spritz, creating a welcoming atmosphere that awakens the senses and uplifts the mood. Crafted without alcohol, our room spray is gentle on sensitive noses and provides a natural way to freshen any space.

The sleek design of the black matte glass bottle not only adds a stylish accent to your decor but also protects the fragrance from light exposure, ensuring its potency over time. Simply spray a few bursts in any room to enjoy the crisp and invigorating aroma of peppermint.

Key Features:

  • Refreshing Peppermint fragrance for an energizing experience
  • Black matte glass bottle adds a touch of elegance to your space
  • Net quantity: 50 ml 
  • Alcohol-free formulation for gentle room freshening
  • Awakens the senses and uplifts the mood
Usage Instructions:
  1. Shake Well: Before each use, shake the room spray bottle well.
  2. Test in an inconspicuous area: If it's the first time using the spray in a particular room or on specific surfaces, test a small amount in an inconspicuous area to check for any reactions, such as staining or discoloration.
  3. Hold at a distance: Hold the spray bottle about 6-8 inches away from the surface or area you want to freshen up. This distance helps to evenly distribute the spray without over-saturating the space.
  4. Spray in a sweeping motion: Press the spray nozzle and move your hand in a sweeping motion to evenly disperse the spray throughout the room. Avoid spraying directly onto fabrics, delicate surfaces, or electronics.
  5. Allow to air dry: After spraying, allow the room spray to air dry naturally. 
  6. Allow to settle: After spraying, allow the room spray to settle. Keep the room closed, and enter after it settles. 
  7. Use as needed: Use the room spray as needed to maintain a pleasant fragrance in your living spaces.
  8. Store properly: Store the room spray in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to preserve its effectiveness and fragrance.

Indulge in the revitalizing scent of peppermint with our Alcohol-Free Moonlit Mint Room Spray. Enhance your living spaces naturally and order yours today for a burst of freshness whenever you need it!

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