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Kaju Katli Melts

Kaju Katli Melts

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Introducing our Diwali Exclusive: Kaju Katli Wax Melts - an aromatic celebration of tradition and sweetness! Immerse your home in the comforting essence of vanilla-scented soy wax, carefully crafted to enhance the festive spirit of Diwali.

🌼 Key Features:

1. Diwali-Inspired Fragrance: Our wax melts capture the essence of Diwali with a delightful vanilla aroma, reminiscent of the beloved Kaju Katli sweet. Infuse your home with the warm and inviting scent of festivities.

2. Soy Wax Excellence: Made from premium soy wax, these melts ensure a clean, long-lasting burn. Soy wax is eco-friendly and provides a healthier alternative for your home, free from harmful chemicals.

3. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each wax melt is meticulously handcrafted, paying homage to the cultural richness of Diwali. The Kaju Katli shape adds a touch of tradition to your decor, making these melts a unique and charming addition to your celebrations.

4. Easy-to-Use: Simply place a wax melt in your favorite wax warmer, and let the sweet aroma fill your space. Perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere during Diwali gatherings, pujas, or quiet moments of reflection.

5. Long-Lasting Fragrance: Enjoy hours of aromatic bliss with each wax melt, spreading the comforting fragrance of vanilla throughout your home. The subtle sweetness adds an extra layer of joy to your Diwali festivities.

6. Diwali Gift Perfection: Packaged beautifully, these Kaju Katli Wax Melts make for a thoughtful Diwali gift. Share the joy of the festival with friends and family, offering them the gift of a fragrant, festive home.

7. Limited Diwali Edition: Embrace the spirit of Diwali with this exclusive offering. Our Kaju Katli Wax Melts are available in limited quantities, making them a unique and collectible addition to your festive decor.

✨ Infuse your Diwali celebrations with the delightful fragrance of vanilla and the charm of Kaju Katli. Transform your space into a haven of warmth and tradition with our exclusive Diwali Kaju Katli Wax Melts. Order now and make this festival of lights even more memorable! ✨

Remove from pack and place a piece in a wax warmer (NO NEED TO ADD WATER). Place wax warmer on a flat, heat-resistant, stable surface. Only use a melt approved wax warmer (tealight or electric). The kaju katli melts from the heat from the warmer and diffuse fragrance. Reuse until the scent fades, then add a new piece. Empty the warmer before using a new fragrance. To do so, either soak up the left over melted wax carefully with cotton or tissue, or let the wax cool down and solidify, heat up the warmer just so the wax leaves the surface and then scoop it out. You can also have fun and try using different scents together to create your own blends.

Keep away from pets, children, & flammable objects. Never add water. DO NOT EAT. Never leave a wax warmer unattended while in use. Avoid burning for longer than 3-4 hours at a time. 

The sweet, warm, comforting, and exotic vanilla scent is known to create a peaceful environment and act as a mood booster.


  • Wax Type: Soy wax
  • Net Qty: 15 pieces
  • Fragrance: Vanilla
  • Contents: 1 box with Kaju Katli wax melts
  • Highly scented
  • Natural Fragrances

DISCLAIMER: Wax Warmer Sold Separately 

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