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Wax Warmer and Heart Melts Combo

Wax Warmer and Heart Melts Combo

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Electric Wax Warmer - uses electricity as heat source. 

A very unique, aesthetically pleasing & effective way to help transform your home or workspace into a more fragrant & inviting place, a wonderful way to alleviate stress & unwind after a tiring day. Small, light, portable size fits perfectly for work desk, bedside table, kitchen counter.


  1. Plug into an electric socket and switch it on. The bulb glows and heats up the warmer.
  2. Place a few heart melts into the shallow dish on top and wait for the fragrance to spread in your space as the hearts melt.
You will receive 1 electric wax warmer and 6 heart melts packets, one pack each of
  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose Chocolate
  • Oud
  • Rose Sandalwood



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